My Creative Journey Into 2013

Edsel Braun Production Artist

Photo of my father, Edsel Braun, who worked as a production artist at Feldkamp-Malloy, Ficho & Corley, Leo Burnett, LLoyd M. Rosenow, Stephens Biondi De Cicco and Walter J. Thompson in Chicago, Illinois.

Hello New Year! I welcome you with open arms as I take a moment to reflect on the journey that has been my life and the path that unfolds before me. I have been joyfully working at Allegra Marketing in Alsip, Illinois, freelancing during spare time and volunteering with the Taproot Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. Since my last post of 2010, I have accomplished a lot! I even found the missing photo of my father Edsel Braun (pictured above). It is quite old and beautiful!

Three Areas of Focus This Year

  • Take time for myself and enjoy life
  • Continue my education
  • Get more exercise

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