Dreamer and Inventor of All Possibilities

"Paradise Pup" one of many Bulldogs on the Square exhibit displays in Crown Point, Indiana.

A Little Bit About Maria

Dreamer and Inventor of All Possibilities

My best friend described me as a risk taker. I think of myself as more of an adventurer who is willing to take risks in order to succeed. A door must close in order to open up room for new opportunities. I’m in the process of transitioning as I become more involved in the areas of study that truly interest me… web development, technology, and coding.

On the lighter side, I live with my husband and my chubby cat Lillie who love’s to eat. I hail from a small family so I tend to like my privacy. My favorite time of the day is early AM and before sunrise when the sound of birds outside my window sparks. I love that sound! Oh, and I am a very good listener.

A recent visit from my brother-in-law resulted in a road trip to an auction house and bidding on some really awesome African masks, reliquary containers and fertility statues. I look forward to expanding on this collection.

BTW, I have participated in a number of public art exhibits including the sculpture above named ‘Paradise Pup’ following a wonderful vacation to Maui back in 2003.

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