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Representing Designers and the Importance
of Creative Licensing for the State of Indiana

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

While growing up as a child I was encouraged to draw, paint and write. My grandmother would sit me down to practice handwriting and perfect my building of letter shapes. My father, now a retired production artist, handed down to me his collection of drawing books, including anatomy for figure drawing and illustration, required during his training in art school.

In this spot I had hoped to post a recently misplaced photo of my father working at a drafting table in a Chicago studio. I intended to bring the same photo to the filming of the ‘Creators Across America’ State of Indiana Meet Designer and Web Developer, Maria Braun-Perez. I have always been proud of my parents and family and it is my family that has encouraged me to become an artist. I asked my parents to join me on the day of the filming as this was, and will continue to be, an honorable moment.

Photo of Patrick Ross, Executive Director of the Copyright Alliance and Chairman of the Copyright Alliance Education Foundation.

Patrick Ross, Executive Director of the Copyright Alliance and Chairman of the Copyright Alliance Education Foundation.

Patrick Ross (pictured left) was kind enough to supply me with his photo following my interview at the Indiana Welcome Center on Sunday, August 29, 2010 in Hammond, Indiana. He came in hand modestly with a HD hand held video camera and swiftly continued on his way to Madison, Wisconsin where this photo was taken. The Copyright Alliance interviewed over 100 artists state-wide. Catch them all on the Copyright Alliance Channel on YouTube.

My studies in fine arts and printing, publishing technologies led me into the field of graphic arts and, eventually, web design. I am fortunate to be able to form a career as a creator and designer in the Northwest Indiana community. The shoes I have filled in my roles within the community have become more complex, challenging and fulfilling while allowing me to express myself in my work. My work is a reflection of my ethics, my pride and my understanding of utilizing best practices to achieve successful outcomes.

Working with creators in a non-profit capacity has reignited my passion for community arts and experiencing first hand how each individual has the ability to contribute to and positively affect our world. We can collectively build a better community by taking ownership of our inner strengths, allowing our spirits to shine and working together in alliance to reach defined goals. I believe I am beginning to find my niche as a creative member within my own community.