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Website Hosting and Maintenance

Saturday, September 19th, 2009
Logo Design Concept for the Illiana Artists.

Logo Design Concept for the Illiana Artists.

The first meeting of the Illiana Artists took place this past Monday evening. Although the website committee presented a summer-long study and proposal, the member vote was unanimous to follow through with my plans for a new logo and site redesign. My benchmark was the Website Grader Report which is a handy measurement tool for SEO and marketing effectiveness for web developers.

During the summer I redesigned my business site MBP Graphic Design and began the process of directory link submissions. I found I was able to increase my website grade from 10 percent on February 10, 2009 to a grade of 76 percent as of September 19, 2009. Increasing my current website grade to 90 percent is my goal and has become increasingly difficult as the percentage improves.

My first hurdle in website maintenance has been migrating the website to a new web hosting company. The organization’s site has gone through unusual circumstances since May 2009. Our hosting company had gone out of business and our site was down for nearly a month before we were transferred to an internal division within the company. The registrar and administrative records have become complicated with changes in name and contact information needing to be updated and has created some conflict in transferring of the site.

My biggest concern for web hosting is 24-hour customer support, help articles and an easy to navigate control panel. I decided to switch our hosting company to as I have found their service to be consistent and user-friendly. The Illiana Artists domain is set to expire on September 20, 2009 and required quick decision making in order to move the website transfer along smoothly. I am currently 4 days into the transfer process with an approval pending.

A Graphic Designer In the World of Fine Arts

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Illiana Artists member juried exhibit 2001.

Illiana Artists Juried Exhibit 2001.

The motto of the Illiana Artists is “Artists Helping Artists” and that is my plan for the operating year of 2009-2010. Converting 25 plus years of traditional methods of communication over to Internet based applications will be no easy task. My journey begins with a giant tub of document folders and paperwork that now resides in my home. A request for an up-to-date membership listing led me to a hand written paper document left in my mailbox and a Word file of mailing labels both of which contained out of date information and expired membership listings.

On Friday, August 7 the first edition of the email newsletter was distributed to a handful of email addresses. Off to a good start! The postal mail was reduced to a postcard in order to save on time, printing and postage. I hope to generate a growing email list within the next month or so. I think it is important to keep members up-to-date and informed in real time when necessary.

Our website, Illiana, is sorely out of date at this time. The September 14 meeting will present an opportunity for the members to hear the Web Committee’s proposal for a new logo and website redesign. The vote will way heavily on available operating funds and an understanding of fellow members that the Illiana Artists’ current website does not present an appropriate public face for this outstanding group of artists. I will report the outcome of the member vote following the September meeting.

Our 12th Annual Regional Juried Show held at the Chesterton Art Center is right around the corner. Exhibit Committee members are currently busy coordinating entry/delivery of artwork at this time. The exhibit will run August 20 through September 28, 2009. I hope to see many fellow artists and friends at the opening reception on August 28. It will be my honor to present awards and capture the days events for the website recap. See you there!